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The combination of the easy access to the outside world - including direct flights around the world, and an ever expanding route list - and the amazing aesthetics that strike people when they visit, has obviously created a huge desire to own property in Koh Samui. This in turn has created a real estate industry that is constantly maturing

Thirty years ago very few non-Thais had ever visited Koh Samui or the surrounding Islands. The vast majority of the island was dedicated to farming coconuts. Over the years as international travel in the jet-age has allowed more and more access to different parts of the world to many more people the island has developed in popularity. First the more adventurous back-packers and then more and more, until the place became on the beaten-track for many people taking a year-out of university etc. These people are still attracted to Koh Samui, but the people who originally discovered the islands in their youth, are now professionals who still visit Koh Samui and have disposable incomes and a desire to own a small piece of the paradise they so admire.

As a developing nation, with a high dependency on tourism, Thailand has a taken advantage of their position and has developed markets such as Phuket to high level. Koh Samui is not at that stage, but it is being developed, and has the advantage of all the lessons learnt in Phuket and Pattaya, and can avoid the over development that doesn’t really fit the fundamental nature of Thailand, which is the essential attraction.

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