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A proposed car-free 'city' in the shape of a pyramid within Dubai could cut carbon-emissions by 90 percent.

With population growth in Gulf cities expanding and the increasing pressures placed on infrastructure and the environment, the pyramid-shaped city called the Ziggurat project could support an entire community of up to one million people by harnessing the power of nature, according to the company behind the project, Timelinks.

Cars in Dubai generate a total of two million tonnes of CO2 into the city’s already polluted atmosphere. Transport throughout the complex would be connected by an integrated 360 degree network (horizontally and vertically) so cars would be redundant.

With the average daily commuting time in Dubai set at 104 minutes per day, compared to 70 minutes in the US, the integrated transport system of the Ziggurat project could cut commuting time to just 15 minutes.

Furthermore, biometrics would provide security with facial recognition technology and the building would have parks, water channels, and lakes with climate zones that become cooler at higher elevations.

"Whole cities can be accommodated in complexes which take up less than 10% of the original land surface. Public and private landscaping will be used for leisure pursuits or irrigated as agricultural land," Ridas Matonis, managing director of the Dubai-based company, said.

"Industrialised cities are now pumping out billions of tonnes of CO2 into the environment. The Ziggurat project employs a car-less environment with a transport system that is powered by energy generated by solar, wind and steam. We estimate that carbon emissions within the city could be significantly reduced by 90 percent.

"With the close proximity of hospitals, schools, workplaces and leisure amenities contained within the Ziggurat, less stress is placed upon commuting. The three-dimensional shape of the project opens up the surrounding landscape for agriculture, pastures and natural forestry," Matonis said.

Timelinks has already patented the design and technology incorporated into the project and has applied to the European Union for a grant for technical projects.

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